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Article Highlight: 100 Lovable Rabbit Names for Your Bunny Buddy

When you bring home a pet bunny, there's a lot of excitement. Of course, you'll need to think of a good rabbit name. Whether you need female or male rabbit names, these 100 great bunny names can help you get started. Keep reading »

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All About Pet Rabbits

There's no denying that rabbits are adorable and they make very nice pets, but is a rabbit actually the right pet for you? There's a lot to consider when you're trying to decide whether to take on a particular pet, and you'll find the information you need in this category.

Learn About Different Breeds

There's such an amazing variety of rabbit breeds you can choose from that it's a smart choice to study as many as you can before choosing a pet. There are extremely small breeds like the Netherlands Dwarf, and there are impressively large breeds like the Flemish Giant. Of course, there are many breeds in between these extremes, including those with short fur and others with long fur that requires extra grooming.

Rabbit Care

Like any pet, rabbits require a good deal of care to keep them comfortable and in good health. Housing is a major consideration, so you'll find information about hutches as well as indoor cages. This info includes how to select the right size cage for the breed you're interested in as well as the pros and cons of different types of flooring and the accessories you'll need.

A good diet is absolutely essential for your bunny's health, so you'll find info on the exact foods your pet should receive, as well as which foods you should avoid feeding your rabbit to keep his digestive system in balance.

When looking at potential pets, it's important to understand what a healthy rabbit looks like so you don't unknowingly bring home a bunny that is already sick and possibly on the road to a short life. You'll find that information along with a rundown on common health problems faced by all pet rabbits as well as breed-specific issues.

Is a Pet Rabbit Right for You?

Once you've researched the breeds you think you're interested in and learn about the type of care they require, you'll have a better idea if you'd enjoy keeping a pet rabbit as a companion. If you think that answer is yes, your next mission is to visit breeders and meet potential pets in person. More than likely, you're going to fall in love with at least one bunny that you just can't resist. Just remember that caring for any pet is a big responsibility, and rabbits are no exception. Also remember that you can always come back for more information since new articles will continue to be added to this category.

Rabbits as Pets