Guide to Betta Fish As Pets

Portrait of a betta fish

One of the most popular pet fish species is the beautiful betta and it's not hard to understand why. Loved by both beginning fish keepers and experienced aquarists, the betta is a fascinating fish that comes in a dazzling array of colors.

Getting Started With Bettas

If this is your first betta, you'll want to know more about what type of betta you have and what to name him.

Betta Colors and Patterns

Betta fish come in many varieties with different size fins and color patterns. Most pet stores will be able to tell you what type of betta you have but if not, you can determine this most often from looking at their fins.

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Betta Name Ideas

Betta owners can find inspiration for fish names from a variety of sources. Whether its their origins in Southeast Asia, their stunning colors and fins or their aggressive nature, you can choose a name for your betta fish that's sure to stand out.

Portrait of a betta fish

Betta Fish Care

As a new betta owner, you should spend time learning more about their care and habitat requirements. The more you know about your betta and his needs, the more likely you are to keep him healthy in his new home.

Common Betta Care Tips

Regardless of the variety of betta you get, the common list of FAQs about these fish hold true for them. This includes their average lifespan, size, and tank needs.

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Betta Fish Facts

Some fascinating facts about bettas include their habit of jumping out of tanks that don't have secured lids! They also can be trained to do fun tricks like moving items around their tank and swimming through a hoop.

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Betta Tank Habitat

One of the most important aspects of betta care is providing them with a healthy environment. They need filtered water kept at a proper tropical temperature.

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Betta Tank Size Requirements

You will see small decorative bowls sold alongside bettas at pet stores but while these look pretty, keeping your betta in one will shorten his life! Make sure your betta has enough room to swim. The ideal tank size is at least three gallons for one single betta though more is better.

Betta fish

Betta Tank Mates

Providing enrichment for your betta will help prolong his life. In addition to a tank that's large enough, providing live or artificial plants and small ornaments that he can hide in or rest on will be much appreciated. Male bettas can even live with other types of fish if the tank is large enough, as well as some crustaceans, mollusks and small amphibians.

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Recognizing Betta Fish Illness

Even the best kept bettas can get ill from time to time. Always watch your fish to observe any changes to their behavior or appearance as these are often the first sign of a problem.

Bettas Need Their Rest

One interesting quirk about bettas is their propensity for napping in their tanks, which has sent many a brand new betta owner into a panic. Bettas do sleep and it can appear as if your fish has died if you're not aware of what to look for!

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Betta Illness Signs and Symptoms

If you feel confident your fish isn't sleeping and seems lethargic, won't eat and seems to have difficulty swimming, these are all signs your betta fish is sick. Other signs include spots on their scales, ragged-looking fins and a bloated body.

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Betta Fish Diseases

Some of the most common betta fish illnesses include fin rot, ick, constipation, velvet and swim bladder disease. If you are able to spot the signs right away, these can be treated with quick action and solid treatment knowledge on your part.

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Enjoying Your Betta Fish

While there's lots to know about proper care and keeping of betta fish, once you've spent some time learning you'll realize why they're such popular fish. Aside from their lovely coloring and fins, they're easy to care for once you have a proper tank set up and they're intelligent fish with definite personalities that set them apart from other types of pet fish.

Guide to Betta Fish As Pets