Pet Birds: Information and Overview

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Keeping pet birds can be very rewarding, but caring for them is quite a responsibility. Before you bring one home, there are a lot of details you need to know about. It's helpful to review how the various types of parrots and other bird species differ based on their personality, noise level, lifespan, and care requirements.

All About Keeping Birds

LoveToKnow's writers bring you information based their expertise and experience with keeping a wide variety of pet birds. In this category, you'll find useful information on the following topics.

Different Species

Parakeets and cockatiels are commonly kept as pets, but there are dozens more species to consider, like finches, canaries, sun conures, lovebirds, and the list goes on. Some people even choose to keep less traditional bird species as pets, such as crows or chickens. It's important to consider the average lifespan of each type of bird so you know what kind of commitment to expect. Once you have an idea of what's available and what each species' basic temperament is like, you can begin narrowing down your choices until you find the right one for you.

Care Tips

While a lot of the basics of bird care are the same, every species has its own particular needs. Some birds rely on a diet packed with grains and seeds, whereas others might require more protein in the form of insects. Get information about appropriate diets, housing, veterinary care, signs of illness, and more.

Breeding Birds

Learn about the basics of bird breeding, as well as important details about breeding specific species. Beyond that, find out how to hand feed chicks and raise them to be tame, loving pets.

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Like other pets, birds also need training to help them become the best pets they can be. Not all species have the same potential in every area, but most can be tamed and learn how to step up on your hand. Some can even learn to talk a little and perform specific behaviors on cue. Positive interactions during training can help you form a closer bond with your pet.


Learn about cages, toys, different types of feeders and waters, perches, play stands, flight suits, cage covers, and so much more. Each species has different enclosure shape and size requirements, and their perches should also be sized appropriately to prevent foot pain. Most bird cage accessories are necessary for a pet's enrichment or safety, but many are fun for owners, as well.

Bird Names

Choosing a name for your feathered friend is an important part of the experience. Whether you have a new parakeet, lovebird, budgie, cockatiel, or even a chicken, there are great names to pick from. Some are inspired by a bird's appearance or personality, while others are downright zany. See if you can find one that suits your new pet bird.

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Pet Birds: Information and Overview