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Person Holding A Baby Hedgehog

Your pet might be small in stature, but he will be a giant regarding the love that he gives you throughout his life. Over the years, you will grow to love your small friend dearly, and he/she deserves a name fit for a king. When choosing a small pet name, play on any of your animal's wonderful characteristics and traits to help you arrive at the most perfect name.

Choosing a Rodent Name

Many people will be surprised to learn that rodents make wonderful pets. There are so many rodents to choose from when it comes to pet ownership, including gerbils, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, and even chinchillas. The name that you choose for your pet rodent might be inspired by its breed. Rat owners can get creative and gift their rat with a name inspired by the mob or the science community. People who own an exotic rodent like a chinchilla can give it a name as unique as the pet itself. Use the rodent's specifics to help you dream up a fun and inspiring name.

Finding a Perfect Fish Name

Fish are easy pets to care for, and they are beautiful to watch swim around a tank. Choosing a name for your pet fish allows you to get as creative as possible. You can play on the breed of fish, focusing on names inspired by the Koi or Betta breed, or you can look to the fish's vibrant colors like yellow, blue, and pink to help name your swimmy pals. There is no shortage of funny fish names for humor-loving fish parents that will work for a finned friend.

Bird Names as Beautiful as the Animal Itself

There are so many great breeds of birds that make wonderful companions. Because birds tend to live for a long time, owners will want to make sure that they give their bird a name they will love for years to come. You can name your bird based on common breeds kept as pets, such as the lovebird, or you can choose from a wide array of female or male bird names. Bird owners with a sense of humor might choose to dive into funny and puny pet bird names guaranteed to make anyone smile.

Lovely Lizards Need Great Name Too

Owning lizards is a fun experience for pet owners looking to house small pets with low maintenance needs. Many different lizard breeds make perfect pets, like the leopard gecko, the bearded dragon, and the crested gecko. Naming a pet reptile can be overwhelming, as there are so many unique breeds with varying colors, patterns, and personality characteristics to note. Use the bearded dragon's mild temperament to arrive at a name that suits his demeanor or create a name for a leopard gecko using its unique color patterns.

Hermit Crabs Need Funky Names

Hermit crabs are interesting shelled pets that people are fond of keeping. When they are cared for properly, they can entertain owners for over a decade. These cool animals need names as fun and funky as they are. When choosing a hermit crab name, think about its unique qualities, like its abnormally sized claws or its ability to find a home in any random shell.

Super Snake Names

Not everyone can imagine themselves raising a pet snake, but the snake makes the ultimate housemate for some. Some snake breeds are better suited for pet ownership, and it is good for those interested in owning this type of animal to do their research first. When it comes time to name your pet snake, turn to elements of pop culture, mythology, and the many vibrant colors that snakes come in for naming inspiration.

Beautiful Bunny Names

For many people, owning their very own fluffy bunny rabbit is a dream come true. There are several different breeds of rabbit for people to choose from, ranging from the small breed bunnies to the docile Giant Chinchilla rabbit or the stunning French Angora rabbit. Beautiful bunnies can be named according to their temperaments and personalities, their physical characteristics and coats, pop culture references, and their colors.

Small Animal Naming Reminders

When it comes to naming your small pet, the world is your oyster. Unlike naming a racing horse, there are no hard and fast rules to naming a small animal. You can really stretch yourself and channel your creative spirit here. While rules don't apply to naming a bunny or a reptile, some considerations should be noted when gifting any pet with a name. Make sure the name is something that you can live with for many years. Some small animals live for decades! Never choose anything that might be offensive to others. What is hilarious to you might make someone else feel uneasy. Lastly, please yourself first. When it comes time to give a child or a pet a name, everybody suddenly has an opinion. Make sure you give your animal a name that you love above all.

Small Pet Names to Inspire