Ball Python Care Sheet

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If you're considering purchasing a ball python for your next pet, download this sheet of instructions for ball python care which includes tips about food, water and housing. Then you can be sure you have everything you need to raise a healthy and happy pet snake.

About the Ball Python

Ball pythons can be found in many of locations around the globe, but the majority of these snakes that are imported into the United States come from Togo, Benin and Ghana. Hatchlings are typically between nine and eleven inches in length, and they will grow up to 46 inches long. Female snakes are almost always larger than males. The largest ball python recorded was sized at 78 inches, so make sure you understand this snake's true needs before you decide to take one on as a pet.

The Advantage of Owning Captive-Bred Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons are available either as captive-bred or wild-caught. Captive-bred pythons are hatchlings from a set of parents that have mated while in captivity. These types of pythons are much healthier than those that are wild caught. Wild caught pythons routinely have an assortment of parasites and are typically less trusting of their handlers. Captive-bred pythons, on the other hand, tend to be much calmer and are usually free of parasites and illnesses.

You'll also find wild-bred, captive-hatched ball pythons, but they are also not as healthy as captive-bred snakes usually are. These snakes often look okay once they enter the U.S., but they quickly develop health problems once they are purchased. Another advantage to purchasing captive-bred snakes is that no animals are being removed from their natural habitat, so it's better for the ecology as well.

Printable Ball Python Care Sheet

Ball Python Care Sheet Printable PDF
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Before purchasing a ball python for your next pet, study this ball python care sheet PDF so you understand how to provide the best habitat and appropriate food for your pet. Better yet, print out a copy so you can easily refer back to it. The information it contains will help ensure that you are fully prepared to take care of your new family member so it will be an active part of your life for many years to come.

If you need help to download the sheet, check out these helpful tips.

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Ball Python Care Sheet